World Wildlife Day 2023

World Wildlife Day is celebrated on March 3 by the United Nations. The main objective of the celebrations is to increase awareness of wild flora and fauna.

Why is World Wildlife Day celebrated on March 3?

Because the CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora was adopted on March 3, 1973. It is a multilateral treaty. The 2023 World Wildlife Day is special because this year CITES is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The main objective of CITES is to protect endangered plants and animals. The members of IUCN passed a resolution to form CITES in 1963. CITES ensures the prevention of the trade of endangered plants and animals.

What is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2023?

Partnerships for wildlife conservation. It is essential that world countries come together in conserving wildlife. Pollution and global warming are the major threats to wildlife apart from habitat destruction. Transboundary forests shall be protected only through international cooperation. Water resource depletion in the forest is a major threat to wildlife. This is happening due to a reduction in rainfall.

When was the first World Wildlife Day observed?

The CITES was formed in 1973. The CITES COP16 was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013. It was during this conference, the members passed the resolution to celebrate March 3 as World Wildlife Day.

Significance of World Wildlife Day

The day creates awareness of the diverse fauna and flora in the world. The day is an opportunity to learn about their habitats. Also, the day is essential to promote the conservation of the world’s flora and fauna. The day reminds us that the conservation of biodiversity is essential for the species’ survival.

What is the need for World Wildlife Day?

It is essential to mark World Wildlife Day to prevent new deserts, drought and floods. The relations between wildlife and forest keep the ecosystem alive. Wildlife helps in maintaining ecological balance.



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