What are E20 fuels?

During the India Energy Week 2023 event, PM Modi launched the E20 fuel. The fuel is being launched in 83 locations in India spread across 11 states and UTs. E20 means the fuel has 20% ethanol and 80% petrol.

What is E20 fuel?

The number in E20 represents the proportion of ethanol mixed with petrol. Today, the mixing percentage of Ethanol in India is 10. Meaning, India is using E10 fuel. The world’s largest producers of biofuels like Brazil and the United States have already achieved E100 fuels.

Why is E20 a biofuel?

Ethanol is made by fermenting sugar, a natural source. It leaves very minimal residue while burning and therefore, keeps the air clean. India produces a lot of sugarcane and therefore, E20 has good potential to meet the fuel demands of the country.

How will E20 benefit India?

The sale of electric vehicles in India is very low. Numbers are not increasing as planned. Also, the production of electric vehicles is less as compared to other countries. The E20 is a good alternative to the situation. GoI is trying to achieve net zero emissions. Both E20 and electric vehicles are measures to become an emission-free country. Therefore, environmentalists are welcoming the step.



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