What are voice deepfakes?

Deepfakes is the process of mimicking the voice of a person. Talking in their tone and style; like a mimicry. However, here the mimicry is done using the software. Therefore, the deep fake is the process of mimicking a person’s voice using an online tool.

What is the issue? Why is deep fakes in news?

By the end of January 2023, netizens used the features of “voice cloning” and “speech synthesis” of Eleven Labs. Eleven Labs is an online site providing AI speech software. Using the features in the software, the netizens created voices of popular stars Emma Watson, Ben Shapiro, and Joe Rogan. But the messages were abusive and spread racism. Celebrities are now raising their voices against this. And thus, the voice of deep fakes in news.

What is Voice Deepfake?

The voice created is artificial. However, it sounds human-like. The major challenge of a voice-deep fake is cloning a voice. It takes weeks or even months to clone a voice. Artificial Intelligence can create copies of voices after listening to the speaker for just 3 seconds! To create an audio file using an online tool, you just have to upload the voice of the person. The file should be at least 3 seconds long. The person should be continuously speaking in the audio file. After you upload this file, the software clones the voice of the speaker. You should then give the text. The software gives you the net output where Emma Watson or other stars (whose voice you uploaded) speak the text!



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