What is the meaning of bailout?

The bailout is a process whereby financial support is extended to any individual, organization or even country which has financially failed and is faced with looming threat of bankruptcy. It is done in various ways like loans, bonds, stocks or cash. Bailouts may or may not require reimbursement but comes with increased governmental scrutiny and […]


Amber Box Subsidies: Issues Around AMS and Recent India-China Proposal

Recently, in a joint proposal submitted to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), India and China have called for elimination of trade-distorting farm subsidies given by developed countries as a prerequisite for consideration of other reforms in domestic support negotiations. This proposal made by India and China is viewed as important in view of the ongoing […]

JAM Trinity and Subsidy Delivery System

JAM is an acronym which stands for Jan Dhan Yojna, ADHAAR and Mobile number. It is seen as the biggest reform regarding direct subsidy transfer in terms of cash. Currently there are multitude of subsidy schemes running for the poor through multiple channels. This entails a huge cost along with other problems of corruption, lack […]

Key Facts About Fertilizer Subsidy Policy in India

Fertilizer subsidy is the difference between the retention price of fertilizers and the price at which fertilizers are made available to consumers. The difference is paid to industry as subsidy. Fertilisers, after oil and food, account for the third-biggest share of India’s total subsidy bill, which is estimated at Rs 2.46 crore for 2014-15. The […]