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20th Amendment of Sri Lankan Constitution: Key Facts

The Sri Lankan Parliament recently passed the 20th Amendment of Sri Lankan constitution. Highlights The 20th amendment of the Sri Lankan Constitution has expanded the powers of the President and also have increased the immunity of the President. Under the 20th amendment, the President gets the power to dissolve the parliament after two years and ..

Sri Lanka is in the process of drafting its new Constitution

Sri Lanka is on its way to draft its new constitution by reverting back the provisions of the 19th amendment of 2015, which put a cap on the power of the President and strengthened the position of the Parliament. The declaration has been made by the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa during the inaugural session of the ..

Parliamentary elections being held in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is holding the parliamentary elections on August 05 to fill the parliamentary seats in the country. It is significant because it is going to determine the political, economic and social future of this island nation. The parliament of the country was dissolved on March 2. Why is Election being held now? After the ..

St Antony’s Shrine Festival in Katchatheevu Island

More than 3,000 devotees were transported to the Katchatheevu Island of Sri Lanka for the annual St Antony’s Shrine Festival. The Katchatheevu Island The Katchatheevu Island is located in the Palk Strait. It is located between Rameswaram of Tamil Nadu and Neduntheevu of Sri Lanka. It is an uninhabited island under the administration of Sri ..

India and Sri Lanka sign MoU for up-gradation of plantation schools’ infrastructure

India and Sri Lanka have recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for up-gradation of infrastructure in plantation schools for estate workers of Indian origin. The MoU was signed in Colombo, under which infrastructure of 9 plantation schools are to be up-graded with the assistance of 30 crore rupees from India. Construction and renovation of ..