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Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu Addresses ‘Deh Daniyon Ka Utsav’

Vice President Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu Addresses ‘Deh Daniyon Ka Utsav’ an event organized by the Visva Hindu Parishad, in New Delhi on  13 Nov. He commended the Dadhichi Dehdan Committee for gathering organ donors and collaborating with recognized government institutions and hospitals for the last 22 years to facilitate organ transplantation. He said that the youth, ..


Dr Hargovind Laxmishanker Trivedi, renowned nephrologist passes away

Dr Hargovind Laxmishanker Trivedi (87) was the renowned nephrologist, immunologist and stem cell researcher. He passed away in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 2nd October 2019. He was an expert in handling kidney transplant surgeries & was awarded Padma Shri in 2015 for his contribution to society as a nephrologist.


2019 edition of World Organ Donation Day (WODD)

The World Organ Donation Day (WODD) is observed every year on 13th of August to raise awareness about organ donation. This day strives to motivate people to donate their healthy and precious organs after death to save lives. It attempts to eliminate the myths and fears people have in their mind about organ donation. Organ ..


Israel researchers prints world’s first 3D heart by using a patient’s biological material

The researchers at Tel Aviv University have successfully “printed” the world’s first three dimensional (3D) vascularised engineered heart using a patient’s own cells and biological materials to completely match the immunological, cellular, biochemical, and anatomical properties of the patient. Their findings were published in a study in Advanced Science. Until now, scientists in regenerative medicine ..


Tamil Nadu adjudged as Best State in Organ Donation at 9th Indian Organ Donation Day

On 27th of November, Tamil Nadu has been adjudged the Best State in Organ Donation at the 9th Indian Organ Donation Day (IODD-2018) in New Delhi by the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare. It’s fourth time in a row, the state has received the best-performing state award for organ donation. Tamil Nadu is ..