Lunar Mission: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Chandrayaan-2 completes a year around Moon in Lunar orbit since its establishment

The second lunar mission of India Chandrayaan-2, which was partly successful, has completed a whole year in the lunar orbit around the moon since its establishment in the Moon’s orbit on 20 August, last year. The lander Vikram made a failed attempt to smooth landing and deviated from its intended trajectory on 6th September 2019. ..

Artemis Program

The NASA announced that it will start accepting applications for the Artemis mission to the moon from March 2nd to March 31st of 2020. What is the Artemis Program? The Artemis program is an upcoming crewed mission to moon. It is a collaborative project of NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) ..


The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet which crashed while attempting to land on the Moon was carrying a number of items including thousands of specimens of a living organism called tardigrade. What are Tardigrades? The tardigrades are also known as water bears. It is among the toughest and most resilient creatures on Earth. The tardigrades which can ..

Why the Lunar Mission has gained traction?

India has successfully launched its lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 and the mission is expected to make soft-landing on the lunar surface with Vikram and its rover Pragyan on a site between two large craters in the South Polar Region. Why the South Pole has become the area of Focus? The South Pole has become an area ..

Artemis: NASA s Mission to Moon

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has unveiled an updated budget request seeking more than $1 billion in additional funding to accelerate the return of astronauts to the moon by 2024. Features of the Artemis Mission Artemis stands for Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon’s Interaction with the Sun. Artemis is the twin ..