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Global death toll due to Covid over 7 lakh -One person dies every 15 seconds.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has claimed lives of more than 7 lakh persons in the world and as per the current estimates, one death is being reported every 15 second due to the COVID 19 pandemic in the world. Also, the number of casualties has doubled from the May 26 levels of deaths reported due ..

India rejects the new political map unveiled by Pakistan

India has outright rejected the new political map unveiled by Pakistan that laid claim to the Indian territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, both UTs, and also parts of the Indian state of Gujarat. The government has termed it an exercise in political absurdity and has also added that these assertions have no legal ..

Government puts import restrictions on colour television sets

The government has imposed restrictions on imports of colour television sets in an attempt to promote the domestic manufacturing of these items and also cut inbound shipments of non-essential items from countries like China. The Directorate General of Free Trade has changed the import policy for colour television sets as restricted from free. Highlights The ..

Malware, Ransomware attacks pose biggest cyber threat challenge in India: Microsoft

According to the Security Endpoint Threat Report 2019 released by Microsoft, India has been placed among the topmost countries with cryptocurrency mining encounters and drive-by download attacks. The report has been published based on diverse data sources including 8 trillion threat signals received and analyzed by Microsoft every day, covering a 12-month period from January ..

India-UN Development Partnership Fund supports projects to respond to COVID-19

The India-United Nations Development Partnership Fund is supporting various projects pertaining to the efforts of India to combat the deadly COVID 19 pandemic in the country. The projects are primarily aimed at boosting national healthcare facilities, reducing the risk of transmission of the virus, mitigating socio-economic impact and catalyzing the transformative recovery in the country. ..