World Immunization Week – Update (April, 2022)

The World Health Organization (WHO) coordinates World Immunization Week and it is celebrated annually in the last week of April (24 to 30th April). This week aims to promote vaccine usage for the protection of people across all age groups ..



June 13: International Albinism Awareness Day

Every year, the International Albinism Awareness Day is celebrated on June 13. The day is marked to celebrate the human rights of the persons affected by Albinism world wide. This year the International Albinism Awareness Day is marked under the ..


Indian Army supports Narela Quarantine Centre

The Indian Army is to extend its support to the Narela Quarantine Centre. It is the largest quarantine centre in the country and was established by the Delhi Government. Highlights Initially, the quarantine facility had 250 foreign nationals. Later, an ..


April 14: World Chagas Disease Day

On April 14, 2020, the world community is to celebrate World Chagas Disease Day for the first time. The main aim of marking the day is to increase awareness of Chagas disease. Also, it focuses on the resources needed to ..


Animal Behaviour and the Spread of Disease

A new study linking the changing animal behaviour in response to changes in terrains with the spreading of disease was published. About the Study The study observed how a novel tuberculosis bacteria spread among the banded mongoose using their social ..

WHO declares Corona Virus as GLOBAL PANDEMIC

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Corona Virus as Global Pandemic as it is rapidly spreading across the world. Today there are more than 126,369 people infected with COVID-19 virus. The virus has so far killed 4,634 ..