World Immunization Week – Update (April, 2022)

The World Health Organization (WHO) coordinates World Immunization Week and it is celebrated annually in the last week of April (24 to 30th April). This week aims to promote vaccine usage for the protection of people across all age groups against various diseases.


  • Immunization helps in saving millions of lives across the world.
  • It is one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective health interventions.
  • Yet, at present, there are around 20 million under-vaccinated and unvaccinated children in the world.

The theme for World Immunization Week 2022

“Long Life for All” is the theme for this year’s celebration and it aims to unify people on the idea that vaccines make it possible for people to pursue their dreams, protect loved ones and live a long and healthy life.

Importance of immunization

Vaccines have been protecting people against diseases that threaten their lives and prohibit their development. For over two centuries, vaccines have helped in keeping people healthy starting from the first vaccine that was developed to provide protection against smallpox to the latest ones that are being used to prevent COVID-19. With the help of vaccines, humans can progress without facing the burden of diseases such as polio, smallpox, etc. which have cost humanity millions of lives. Vaccines are continuously being advanced bringing humanity closer to a world that will be free from cervical cancer, tuberculosis, etc, and also ending suffering from childhood diseases such as measles and tetanus.

Working of vaccines

Vaccines help to create antibodies in an individual’s immune system when it is exposed to a disease. Antibodies are created because vaccines contain only weakened or dead forms of germs that do not cause the disease or put one’s life at risk.



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