April 14: World Chagas Disease Day

On April 14, 2020, the world community is to celebrate World Chagas Disease Day for the first time. The main aim of marking the day is to increase awareness of Chagas disease. Also, it focuses on the resources needed to prevent, control and eliminate the disease.


The Chagas disease is also called “American trypanosomiasis”. The disease has been termed as silent and silenced disease. This is because, it progresses very slowly and mainly affects the people under poverty who do not have political voice to access health care.

About Chagas Disease

The disease mainly affects poor people in Latin America. It is prevalent in USA, Western Pacific, European and Canada.

It transmits through vectors such as T cruzi parasite. Also, it transmits through contact with urine or faeces of blood sucking bugs. Without treatment, the disease shall lead to cardiac arrests and can be fatal as well.

The disease does not spread through human to human contact. However, it can spread through infected blood transfusion.

World Chagas Disease Day

The Day is marked by the World Health Organization and also by several other world organizations. It was initiated by International Federation of Associations of People Affected by Chagas disease.


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