What is Ketoprofen?

Several state governments are banning veterinary use of Ketoprofen drug to save vultures. Which drugs led to collapse of vulture population? There are three Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAID) viz. Diclofenac, Aceclofenac and Ketoprofen, whose veterinary use has led to collapse of populations of vulture species of genus Gyps in South Asia, particularly India. While ban ..


Basic Chemistry Questions & Answers

Click Here to Visit all updated Chemistry Questions 1. Which among the following methods can be used to remove the permanent hardness in water due to calcium or magnesium sulphates? [A]Sulphonate method [B]Nitrate method [C]Zeolite method [D]None of these Zeolite method Show Answer 2. Which among the following is the main constituent of Biogas? [A]Methane ..