Anti-ballistic missile

Taiwan Patriot Missile Defence System

The US government recently approved a sale of 100 million USD worth equipment to maintain and improve the Taiwan Patriot Missile Defence System. This will upgrade the system. This decision was made during Trump administration in 2019. US does not ..



Israel starts developing anti-missile Arrow-4 system with US

Israel has announced in February 18, 2021 that it is developing a new ballistic missile shield named “Arrow-4” in collaboration with the United States. This missile is being developed as another layer in the defensive system by keeping an eye ..


Model of Anti-Satellite Missile system inaugurated at DRDO

On November 9, 2020, the Defence Minister Shri Raj Nath Singh inaugurated the anti-Satellite Missile System at Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) headquarters, New Delhi. Background The DRDO successfully conducted anti-satellite missile test at Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island in ..


US tests Hypersonic Nuclear capable missile

On March 20, 2020, the United States successfully tested nuclear capable hypersonic missiles. The test challenges Russia’s missile testing capabilities. Recently, Russia tested a hypersonic weapon in December 2019 and China has already showcased its DF-17 hypersonic glide vehicle. The ..


Bulletin: US approves Missile Sales to South Korea, Japan

The United State recently approved Anti-Ballistic Missile sales to South Korea and Japan. The sale is worth more than $600 million and comes in backdrop of mounting tensions with North Korea. Key Highlights Objective: to support national security and foreign ..


India tests its first-ever Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) Missile capability under Mission Shakti

On 27th March, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully conducted its first-ever Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) missile test ‘Mission Shakti’ from the Dr AP J Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha. A DRDO-developed Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Interceptor Missile has ..