Israel starts developing anti-missile Arrow-4 system with US

Israel has announced in February 18, 2021 that it is developing a new ballistic missile shield named “Arrow-4” in collaboration with the United States. This missile is being developed as another layer in the defensive system by keeping an eye towards Iran.

Key Facts

  • The Arrow-2 and Arrow-3 interceptors of Israel are already operational under the multi-layered system.
  • This system can destroy the incoming missiles in the atmosphere and in space.
  • The development of Arrow-4 in collaboration with the united states will result in the technological and operational leap forward.
  • It will prepare the countries for the future battlefield and the evolving threats in Middle East and beyond.
  • Though, the Israeli leaders are describing the Iran’s ballistic missile programme as a threat to Israel and world. But Iran stated that the missile is being developed as a defensive measure and it aims to deter the attack.

Arrow or Hetz

It is a family of anti-ballistic missiles. It has been designed to make the Israeli missile defense system more effective against the ballistic missiles in comparison to other surface-to-air missile that country has procured. These missiles are being jointly funded and produced by Israel and United States. The missiles started developing in the year 1986. The missile system is overseen by Israeli Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. The missile system comprises of joint production of hypersonic Arrow anti-missile interceptor and Israel Aerospace Industries Brown Hazelnut.

Ballistic Missile

This missile follows a ballistic trajectory in order to deliver one or more warheads. These missiles are guided for relatively brief periods. Most of its flight is unpowered. Short-range ballistic missiles lie within the Earth’s atmosphere. However, the intercontinental ballistic missiles are launched on the sub-orbital trajectory.


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