Aircraft carrier: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Exercise Varuna 2019 to be conducted between India and France

India and France will conduct their largest ever naval exercise ‘Varuna-2019’ off Goa coast and Karwar with an objective of expanding their strategic partnership in the Indian Ocean region (IOR). The exercise will be conducted ..

TROPEX war exercise to be conducted by Indian Navy

The Indian Navy will conduct its flagship Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise (TROPEX), from January end till early March 2019. This will provide an opportunity to test the combat capability of the Indian Coast Guards ..

INS Vikramaditya India’s only aircraft carrier to have marine hydraulic system

For the first time, India’s only aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya will be fitted with marine hydraulic systems “GS-1MF and GS-3” to boost the air operations of the ship. The systems would be fitted by Russia’s ..

India and US agrees to implement HOSTAC to strengthen maritime security

India and the United States have agreed to implement Helicopter Operations from Ships other Than Aircraft Carriers (HOSTAC) programme to strengthen maritime security. The decision in this regard was taken by Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ..

Liaoning – China’s First Aircraft Carrier Ready for Combat

China has announced that its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning is now ready for combat. It was commissioned in 2013. The 300-metre-long Liaoning is a refurbished and upgraded version of the Soviet carrier Varyag, which ..