What is INS Vikrant?

The INS Vikrant is an aircraft carrier currently in use by the Indian Navy. It is the first carrier to be built indigenously, having been constructed by the Cochin Shipyard Limited in Kerala. The vessel is named after India’s inaugural aircraft carrier, the INS Vikrant (1961), and its name derives from the Sanskrit word for “courageous.” The motto of the ship is also in Sanskrit, which roughly translates to “I defeat those who fight against me.”

Why is INS Vikrant in News?

The inaugural edition of the Naval Commanders’ Conference-2023 is being organized aboard INS Vikrant. It provides a platform for the officers to discuss key security concerns at the military-strategic levels and interact with senior government functionaries.

The Indian Navy is racing to have the 2 aircraft carriers, INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya, battle-ready post-monsoon, in view of the increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific region.

What is INS Vikrant?

The INS Vikrant is an aircraft carrier powered by four general electric engines and two gas turbine engines. It was commissioned in 2022. It can carry 26 MIG-29K or 26 Rafale fighter jets. In addition, the carrier can take 2 Dhruv helicopters or 4 MH-60R helicopters.

Where is INS Vikrant Deployed?

Currently, INS Vikrant is deployed at Katuppali naval base located near Chennai. After the Rambilli Naval base is ready, it will be shifted there. The Rambilli is located near Vizag in AP. The base is also called “Varsha”. The base will be the docking spot of the fleet of nuclear submarines India is developing now. The main purpose of the Varsha naval base is to de-congest the Vizag port that is being used for both military and civilian purposes.

Which country helped India in building INS Vikrant?

Russia. We bought the aviation components required to build INS Vikrant from Russia. Russia also provided the steel required to build INS Vikrant. However, Russia stopped the supply of steel in the middle. Our scientists created far better high-quality steel later and completed the construction of INS Vikrant. For this reason, the project INS Vikrant got delayed. It was launched in 2013 but the ship was commissioned only in 2022. The project was initiated in 2009.



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