Maharashtra’s First Electronic Manufacturing Cluster

The Union Ministry of Electronics and IT recently approved the greenfield Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) at Pune.

What is an electronic manufacturing cluster?

Electronic Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) is a manufacturing cluster designed and developed to provide the necessary facilities and amenities for manufacturing electronic products like mobile phones, cables, etc.

About Maharashtra’s first electronic manufacturing cluster

The greenfield EMC project in Maharashtra is to be established at a cost of Rs.492.85 crore in Ranjangaon, near Pune.  This is to be the state’s first EMC project. It is expected to bring in over Rs 2,000 crore in investments.

The Central Government’s approval was given to Maharashtra’s State Industrial Agency and Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. Of the total cost, Rs 207.98 crore will be from the Central Government and the remaining Rs 284.87 crore will be funded by the MIDC and the State Industrial Agency.

About other EMCs in India

Similar EMCs are already in place in Noida (in UP), Tirupati (in Andhra Pradesh) and also in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. These clusters are already housing units of multinational companies and domestic start-ups.

The YSR EMC became the first such electronic manufacturing cluster in 2021. This cluster houses the first lithium cell manufacturing facility in the country. This is one of the 4 EMCs in Andhra Pradesh now, the other 3 being located at Tirupati (has 2 EMCs) and Sri City.

What is the EMC scheme?

The Indian government launched the EMC Scheme in 2012, under the Ministry of Electronics and IT.

This scheme provides grant assistance for EMC projects:

  1. Up to 50% in case of greenfield projects (with a ceiling of Rs.50 crore per 100 acres)
  2. Up to 75% in case of brownfield project (with a ceiling of Rs.50 crore per project)

In 2020, the Modified Electronics Manufacturing Clusters or EMC 2.0 scheme was approved in line with the 2019 National Policy for Electronics. Under the modified scheme, the assistance is also provided for setting up Common Facility Centres.



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