Ex Khaan Quest 2022 Peacekeeping Exercise

Ex Khaan Quest 2022, a multinational peacekeeping exercise, has commenced in Mongolia. It will continue for 14 days. The exercise features participation of military contingents from 16 countries, including India.


  • It was inaugurated by President of Mongolia, Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh.
  • Indian Army is being represented by contingent from the Ladakh Scouts.

Aim of the exercise

The Ex Khaan-Quest 2022 aims to enhance interoperability, build military to military relationships, military readiness and develop peace support operations among participating nations. This exercise will enhance the level of defence co-operation between these countries.

What is Ex Khaan-Quest?

It is a multinational peacekeeping operations exercise. It comprises of a United Nations Peacekeeping Mission command post exercise, which is a UN Peacekeeping Operation Mission field training exercise. This exercise has been designed for improving peacekeeping capabilities, enhancing core UN doctrine Peace Keeping Operation capabilities of participating countries, and strengthening military-to-military relationships.

Doctrine of 2008

The 2008 doctrine provides and re-confirms a contemporary understanding of how practitioners might apply three basic peacekeeping principles of UN, viz., impartiality, consent, and non-use of force, except in self-defence and defence of this mandate.

Significance of the exercise

This exercise will enable sharing of best practices between Armed Forces of participants. It will include field training exercises, lectures, combat discussions, and demonstration. It will enhance the level of defence co-operation between participating countries and Indian Army. This in turn will enhance bilateral relations between the countries.




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