Assam Baikho Festival

The Baikho festival is celebrated in the state of Assam, which is called as gateway to northeast India. It is celebrated by Rabha tribes of India.

About Assam

Assam is the state of natural beauty and scenic scapes. It stretches across the Brahmaputra River and encircled by verdant hills. It is having a diverse flora and fauna. It is also known as land of Red River and Blue Hills. It is a nucleus, that inhibits beautiful biodiversity of India.

About Rabhas Tribes

Rabhas are a Tibeto-Burman community. They reside in Lower Assam in Garo hills and Dooar region of West Bengal. They are among the plains tribe in state. They are an agriculture-based community. They have distinctive culture and celebrations.

About Baikho Festival

The Baikho festival is celebrated annually. It is celebrated to bring in auspicious harvest season and to fill it with abundant crops and good health. This is a celebration of good harvest. It is an ancient tradition. It is predominantly observed by Rabha Tribe. However, people from other communities also harmonise in the celebrations.

Celebration in 2022

For celebration in 2022, locals in Gamerimura village gathered on June 4 to celebrate the festival. One can witness vibrant and holy hues of rituals, fun, customs, and frolic on this day.

How is this festival celebrated?

During this festival, various rituals are carried out for warding off evil spirits, for bringing good will to community and sparking ample rains. In the afternoon, people dress in traditional attire and dance to the drum beats. In the evening, they set alight a tall structure made from bundles of bamboo. After the sun sets, priests offer prayers to the God of harvest. After the prayers priests run over hot coals, which are left simmering by the fire. This act is meant to honour the harvest deity. Later, women wash the feet of priests and serve them food. In another unique customs, Rabha Tribes smear their faces with rice flour and pour rice beer for others.



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