Today’s GK Questions (Static GK/GS) – March 31, 2019

Here are 10 GK questions for today, March 31, 2019 for various competitive exams in India.

1. Which among the following language is NOT there in the 8th Schedule of Constitution of India?

[A] Dogri
[B] Rajasthani
[C] Sindhi
[D] Manipuri

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2. Which among the following event is related to Attack on Lord Hardinge?

[A] Ghadar Conspiracy
[B] Hindu German Conspiracy
[C] Delhi Conspiracy
[D] Silk Letter Conspiracy

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3. Pancha mahal is located in:

[A] Agra
[B] Delhi
[C] Fatehpur Sikri
[D] Sikandara

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4. The early Muslim invaders (Ghori, Slaves, Khalji, Tughlaq, Sayyid & Lodi) were not able to establish a stable and efficient government in India. This was because : 

  1. They had very limited resources at their disposal
  2. They could not establish cooperation with Hindus
  3. None of these could focus on establishing a firm rule
  4. Hindu Rulers were strong enough to keep them unstable. 

Which among the above statements hold correct?

[A] 1 only
[B] 1 & 2 only
[C] 1, 2 & 3 only
[D] all 1, 2, 3, & 4

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5. INHS Asvini is the oldest and the largest hospital of the armed forces. INHS Asvini is located at?

[A] Pune
[B] Mumbai
[C] Chennai
[D] Hyderabad

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6. Consider the following statements regarding ‘Kyoto Protocol’:

  1. It is legally binding for Annex I countries.
  2. It emerged from the deliberations of COP-3 to the UNFCCC.
  3. The signatories have to reduce their individual Green House Gas emissions by 5.2% from 1990 level.

Which among the above Statement(s) is/are correct?

[A] Only 2
[B] 1 and 2
[C] 2 and 3
[D] 1, 2 and 3

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7. What kind of waves are produced in a cylinder containing a liquid by moving its piston back and forth?

[A] Transverse
[B] Longitudinal
[C] Transverse or longitudinal
[D] None of the above

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8. Which of the following is correct about conductors?

[A] The conduction band and the valence band partly overlap each other
[B] There is no forbidden energy band gap between conduction band and the valence band
[C] Both a and b
[D] None of the above

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9. Which of the following sub-atomic particle accompanies an electron emission in Betadecay?

[A] antineutrino
[B] neutrino
[C] proton
[D] None of the above

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10. Who is the only Indian cricketer to have received the Polly Umrigar award 3 times?

[A] Sachin Tendulkar
[B] Virender Sehwag
[C] Virat Kohli
[D] Ravichandran Ashwin

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