Squalamine: The Wonder Drug from Sharks

Squalamine is a Wonder drug from a compound found Shark Fishes. Its a strong naturally derived broad-spectrum antibiotic that is predominantly derived from the livers of dogfish and other shark species and can be helpful in Dengue, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis. As per a research team led by Michael Zasloff at Georgetown University , Ssqualamine, already known to be safe for use in humans as an antiviral agent — could be used as a new type of drug to treat a broad spectrum of diseases from dengue and yellow fever to hepatitis B, C and D.

The scientists found that in both laboratory and animal experiments squalamine produced antiviral activity against the human pathogens found in the diseases such as some forms of hepatitis which cannot currently be treated. Along with offering medical advances, this discovery may solve the mystery of how sharks with primitive immune systems can so effectively fight viruses that plague all living creatures.


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