September 18: World Bamboo Day

Every year, the World Bamboo Day is celebrated by the World Bamboo Organization. It was officially established at the eighth World Bamboo congress that was held in Bangkok in 2009. This year, the World Bamboo Day is celebrated under the following theme

Theme: Bamboo Now

Why September 18?

The World Bamboo Day was officially declared by the World Bamboo Organization during the eighth World Bamboo Congress that was held in Bangkok in September 18, 2009. The World Bamboo Organization aims to bring the potential of bamboo in order to achieve the following

  • To protect natural resources
  • To promote new cultivation of bamboo for new industries in the regions around the world
  • To promote traditional uses of community economic development
  • To ensure sustainable utilization of Bamboo.

Measures by Indian Government to boost Bamboo production

The Government of India has amended the century old Indian Forest Act to boost bamboo production and exploitation in the country. According to the amendment, Bamboo has been listed under grass. Earlier it was listed as trees which restricted its exploitation from forests, especially in the north east.

Also, the Government of India increased the import duty of raw bamboo items. This will help the domestic bamboo industries such as handicrafts, furniture and Agarbatti to make big way in the country.

The GoI launched restructured National Bamboo Mission to promote growth of bamboo sector. In 2018, the Government of India allocated 200 million USD to provide a new impetus to the bamboo sector.

Significance of Bamboo in India

India is second in the world in terms of Bamboo production. China currently occupies first position. According to NITI Aayog, bamboo resources in India have the potential to create economic activities of worth Rs 50,000 crores and generate employment for millions of persons every day, especially in the rural areas. Currently, Bamboo only generates revenue of Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000.

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

It is a multilateral organization that was established in 1997. It has regional offices in India, Ethiopia, Ghana and Ecuador. The main objective of the organization is to work with countries to focus on the use of Bamboo.


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