Indian Forest Act

Changes proposed in Forest Conservation Act

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has proposed an amendment to the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, in a bid to liberalise the forest laws. Status of the amendments Ministry has sent the proposed amendments to all the state ..


What is Forest fire Season?

In April 2021, Uttarakhand recorded 361 forest fire incidents in just five days. During this period, over 567 hectares of forests have been destroyed. This includes 380 hectares of reserve forest areas. Though forest fire seasons occur every year, the ..


September 18: World Bamboo Day

Every year, the World Bamboo Day is celebrated by the World Bamboo Organization. It was officially established at the eighth World Bamboo congress that was held in Bangkok in 2009. This year, the World Bamboo Day is celebrated under the ..


Centre scraps plan to bring changes to Forest Act

On 15 Nov, the Union Environment Ministry withdrew a draft amendment that proposed updates to the Indian Forest Act, 1927. Activist groups and some State governments have opposed this proposed law. The Indian Forest Act, 2019, was envisaged as an ..

Indian Forest Conservation Policies = Conservation minus the people

Across the world it has been recognised that Involving communities living in and around natural resource-rich areas in the management and use of these resources is an effective tool of conservation. This strategy was affirmed by the 1980 World Conservation Strategy ..

Indian Forest Act to empower Forest Staff

A proposed legislation has accorded significant powers to India’s forest officers including the power issue search warrants, enter and investigate lands within their jurisdictions, and to provide indemnity to forest officers using arms to prevent forest-related offences. The Indian Forest ..