SCO Summit on ‘Collaboration In Sports and Physical Fitness’: Key Outcomes

The recently concluded three-day summit on “Collaboration in Sports and Physical Fitness” brought together delegates from eight Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) nations in New Delhi. The summit aimed to explore opportunities for collaboration in the field of sports and physical fitness and to strengthen the common commitment to sports.

Ministerial Meeting

The ministerial meeting, chaired by Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Anurag Singh Thakur, was a crucial part of the summit. The Minister emphasized the importance of collaboration between SCO nations in the field of sports to build a common platform and strengthen a common commitment to sports. He added that using the expertise of each member nation to build a common platform will strengthen the commitment to sports. He also reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of making sports a guiding force behind India and making the country an evolving sporting nation.


The summit was attended by representatives of six nations, including Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, and Pakistan, who participated in the discussions in person. Representatives from China and Tajikistan participated virtually.

Collaboration in Sports and Physical Fitness

The summit was organized to explore opportunities for collaboration in the field of sports and physical fitness. The discussions revolved around a wide array of subjects, including training and development programs, sports science, sports medicine, anti-doping measures, and capacity building.

The delegates discussed ways to encourage sports tourism and promote sports among women and youth. They also exchanged ideas on organizing sports events and competitions and discussed the importance of sports diplomacy in promoting peace and harmony between nations.



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