Sara: World’s First Robotic Check-in Assistant

The world’s first robotic check-in assistant, named Sara, is the latest addition to Emirates’ services. With the latest innovation, the airlines aim to improve the customer experience and streamline the check-in process.

Introducing Sara

Sara is a robotic assistant designed to facilitate the check-in process at Emirates’ new City Check-in and Travel Store located in Dubai’s financial district. Equipped with facial recognition technology, Sara can match customers’ faces with scanned passports, check them in, and guide them to the luggage drop area. The robot can also print boarding passes, making the check-in process more efficient. Future versions of Sara will have arms to transport luggage.

The Check-in Facility

Passengers have the option to drop off their luggage at their own convenience, from 24 hours prior to the flight up until 4 hours before departure. The check-in process can be done through self-check-in kiosks or with the assistance of Emirates agents at dedicated desks. Additionally, the facility provides free access to certain lifestyle amenities located at the ICD Brookfield Place, as well as discounts and exclusive offers for various restaurants, gyms, and luxury stores.




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