Ripple Effect Water Scarcity – The Hidden Threat to Global Security and Prosperity

The UAE Government has released a comprehensive discussion paper titled ‘Ripple Effect Water Scarcity – The Hidden Threat to Global Security and Prosperity.’ This paper emphasizes the pressing need for a united international response to address the escalating challenge of global water scarcity. It examines the causes, implications, and potential solutions related to water scarcity, urging the global community to collaborate and take decisive action.

Understanding the Discussion Paper

  • The UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the discussion paper during the United Nations General Assembly’s General Debate in New York.
  • The report serves as a global call to action, inviting international stakeholders to cooperate effectively in tackling the emerging issue of global water scarcity.

Urgent Water Scarcity Threat

  • The discussion paper reveals that approximately four billion people worldwide currently face water scarcity for at least one month each year, with projections indicating an increase in this number.
  • It highlights the alarming consequences of global water scarcity, encompassing risks like loss of life, food insecurity, economic setbacks, humanitarian crises, involuntary migration, geopolitical instability, and potential armed conflicts.

Water Scarcity vs. Other Global Concerns

  • Despite its profound implications, the discussion paper points out that global water scarcity does not receive the same level of attention and financial investment as comparable risks like climate change and future pandemics.
  • This lack of focus hinders the development of effective solutions to address water scarcity.



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