Quiz 604: GK Questions for Civil Services Exams

Rajarajesvaram temple, which was built exactly 1,000 years ago by emperor Rajaraja Chola I, the greatest monarch of the Chola dynasty in 1010 is devoted to which of the following deities?
Who among the following were also known as Tocharians?
Who among the following was the Russia born Buddhist Monk in Tibet was a study partner and close associate of the 13th Dalai Lama?
Some countries like Switzerland and Norway have opted out of the EU. Why these countries don’t join EU?
  1. Because these countries have closed economies
  2. Because the Government in these countries is socialistic and majority of the trade is controlled by Government
  3. Because people there don’t want to be a part of EU
  4. Because these countries have only bilateral treaties with all multinational organizations
Choose the correct option:
Consider the following statements in context with New Start Treaty:
  1. Under the New Start treaty each side is allowed a maximum of 1,550 warheads.
  2. This is about 30% lower than the figure of 2,200 that each side was meant to reach by 2012 under the Start treaty (as revised in the 2002 Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty).
  3. Each country is allowed, in total, no more than 700 deployed intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and heavy bombers equipped for nuclear arms.
Which among the above are the provisions of the NewSTART Treaty?
Which of the following bodies in India were established via a parliamentary act in India?
  1. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
  2. Central Board of Film Certification
  3. Genetic Engineering Approval Authority
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
Who among the following was the president of the British Indian Association that was founded in 1851?
Who among the following is called the father of Nationalism in India?
Which among the following organizations published the journal called "The Indian Sociologist"?
Who among the following was the founder of the Paris Indian Society?


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  • Adarsh singh

    thank you sir. for this quiz :-)

  • abhishek singh

    sir please explain economic overheating a bit more.whether rise in wages is any symptom of economic overheating.in the explanations it has been said so the wage hike is a sign but the same has not been given as a correct choice

  • maggie


    In Q No 5 the explanation given for economic overheating clearly refers to rise in wages as a better indicator ,why has it been missed in the answer ?

  • maggie

    One possible explanation mite be option 4 which includes all the symptoms also includes option 3 i.e low demand which at any cost cant be an indicator ; hence the next best answer to the question is B