Quiz 472 : GK For All Examinations

1.Consider the following:
1. Foreign Direct Investments
2. Foreign Institutional Investments
3. American Depository Receipts
4. Global Depository Receipts
In context with the “Sources of Foreign Exchange Reserves” which among the above are placed under Portfolio Investment?
(A)1, 3 & 4
(B)2, 3 & 4
(C)1 & 2
(D)3 & 4

2.Which among the following is the unit of measurement of the “Ecological Footprint”?
(A)Global Hectare
(B)Gallon Per Capita
(C)Cubic meter
(D)Man Hour

3.In which state is located the “Bhima basin” where small to medium size low grade uranium deposits have been located ?
(A)Andhra Pradesh
(C)Tamil Nadu

4.Who among the following is the Persian mathematician and poet composer of the world famous Rubbayat?
(A)Omar Khayyám
(B)Muhammad Iqbal
(C)Sultan Bahu
(D)Mirza Ghalib

5.March of the Volunteers is the national anthem of which among the following countries?

6.In which states is located the Falta Special Economic Zone?
(B)West Bengal

7.Who among the following is the author of “The Finkler Question”?
(A)Howard Jacobson
(B)Hilary Mantel
(C)Anne Enright
(D)Yann Martel

8. Dag Hammarskjöld, the only person to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize posthumously was related to which among the following organizations?
(A)United Nations
(C)Red Cross
(D)None of them

9.”Qomolangm” refers to which among the following peaks ?
(A)Mount Kailash
(B)Mount Everest

10.The term “Isopycnic” is most closely defined by which among the following?
(A)Two places with same atmospheric pressure
(B)Two liquids with same viscosity
(C)Two liquids with same density
(D)Two places with same temperature

11.In which year, the Capital Measures and Capital standards guidelines were issued by the Basel Committee for the first time?

12.Investment in which among the following is the Most Risk Free asset of a Bank as per the RBI guidelines?
(A)Housing Loans
(B)Government Approved Securities
(C)Government Securities
(D)Loans against Jewellery

13.ICAAP or Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process is the result of which of the following pillars of Basel II accords?
(A)Pillar 1
(B)Pillar II
(C)Pillar III
(D)None of them

14.Which among the following refer to the “Statement of Financial Position” as per the Financial Statements released under IFRS?
(A)Balance Sheet
(B)Income Statement
(C)Profit and Loss Statement
(D)Fund Flow Statement

15.Which among the following is the date for Indian Banks to be IFRS compliant ?
(A)April 1 , 2011
(B)April 1, 2012
(C)April 1, 2013
(D)April 1, 2014

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