Quiz 435: Current Affairs & General Knowledge for All Examinations

1.Who among the following India born “Political Theorists” has been recently (July 2010) named as one of Britain’s “Greatest Political Philosophers” of the 20th century by the prestigious Political Studies Association ?
(A)Naresh Dadhich
(B)Pratap Bhanu Mehta
(C)Bhikhu Parekh
(D)Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri

2.Who among the following have been allocated a site at Jaitapur, Maharastra to build a nuclear plant ?

3.Who among the following Political Prisoners and detainees of the People’s Republic of China has won the Nobel Peace Prize 2010?
(A)Liu Xianbin
(B)Li Shouxin
(C)Liu Di
(D)Liu Xiaobo

4.Transnationality Index is prepared and released by which of the following?
(A)World Trade Organization
(B)World Economic Forum
(D)International Monetary Fund

5.Among the ASEAN members, which of the following is the largest economy (GDP)?

6.Which of the following islands is divided into Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia?
(A)Sebatik Island
(B)Island of Borneo
(C)Madura Island
(D)Island of Siberut

7.The quality and demand for Shahtoosh shawls has led to the endangerment of which of the following species of the antelopes in India?
(B)Chiru (Tibetan Antelope)
(C)Goa Antelope (Tibetan Gazelle)
(D)Goat antelope

8.Which of the following has developed the Sakshat- One Stop Education Portal of Ministry of Human Resource Development ?
(A)National Informatics Center
(B)Jawahar Lal Nehru University

9.Garima-II was recently born at National Dairy Research Institute through new technology of “Hand-guided Cloning”. It is a cloned ______?

10.At which of the following temples in Thrissur , Kerala , recently an ASI study has found two rare paintings which are about 350 years old — a reclining Shiva and a Nataraja with 20 arms?
(A)Kottekkad Temple
(B)Vadakkumnathan temple
(C)Guruvayur Temple
(D)Mudapilavu Mahavishnu Temple,

11.Recently Instant Tea and CSNL Cardinol were included for export benefits under Vishesh Krishi Gram Upaj Yojna. The CSNL Cardinol is obtained from which of the following commodities?
(B)Cashew nut
(C)Natural Rubber

12.Recently International Court of Justice’s upheld the Kosovo’s 2008 Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from which of the following countries?
(A)Republic of Macedonia

13.Phawngpui in Mizoram is also known as which of the following?
(A)Black mountain
(B)Blue Mountain
(C)Yellow Mountain
(D)Mizo Hills

14.What is the current minimum public shareholding norm for listing purposes for a Public Sector Undertaking in India?

15.Who among the following currently heads the Island Development Authority in India?
(A)Prime Minister
(B)Minister of Environment and Forests
(C)Administrator of Andman and Nicobar Islands
(D)Administrator of Lakshadweep

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