Quiz 436: General Knowledge & Current Affairs For All Examinations

1.In which year Indian Railway was nationalized?

2.Which among the following is the “Current ” TOP IT software and services exporter in India ?
(D)HCL Technologies

3.Which among the following sector uses maximum commercial energy in India?
(A)Household sector

4.What is the current number of High Courts in India?

5.Konkan Railway Corporation (KR) was formed on July 19, 1990 with participation of which of the following states?
(A)Maharstra & Goa
(B)Maharashtra, Goa & Karnataka
(C)Maharashtra, Goa & Kerala
(D)Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka & Kerala

6.The correct group of animals that suffer from the “Foot & Mouth ” disease is as follows:
(A)Only Cattle
(B)Cattle & Sheeps
(C)Cattle and Pigs
(D)Cattle, Sheeps and Pigs

7.Which of the following rivers feeds the “Tehri Dam” ?

8.In which state is located Indian Railway’s Jamalpur Workshop?
(A)West Bengal
(D)Uttar Pradesh

9.Recently, Tenofovir is making news as it is undergoing trials and raises hope to prevent a deadly disease. Which among the following is that disease?
(A)Swine Flu

10.“MDG 5” is related to which of the following?
(A)Eradicating Malaria
(B)Combating HIV/AIDS
(C)Combating Maternal Mortality
(D)Combating Child Mortality

11.Dodo or Raphus cucullatus, a flightless bird which got extinct in the 17th century was endemic to which among the following countries?
(A)Sri Lanka

12.In which country is found the endangered Cape Mountain Zebra ?
(A)South Africa

13.Who among the following are the targets of Andhra Pradesh State Government scheme Pavala Vaddi?
(A)Landless Laborers
(D)Urban Laborers

14.ASEM Chair’s Declaration on Happiness and Dignity was recently adopted at the 8th Asia-Europe Meeting. Where was this event held?

15.The new emission data from the United Nations place India at third position among the largest emitters in the world. While China, with 23% share is on top and US with 22% share is on second place, what is India’s emissions which led her to be placed at third place?

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