Quiz 423: Geographical Knowledge for Civil Services Examinations

Consider the following:
  1. Non-align Movement
  2. Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
  3. Colombo Plan
India has been a member of which of the above ?
Which among the following soil type has a property of holding moisture for release of plants during the dry period?
Water hyacinth is a free floating weed, which infests an estimated 200,000 hectares of the India’s waterways, choking off plant, fish, and animal growth. This weed was introduced in India before 1900 from which of the following regions?
Which among the following National Park in India is also called the last house of White winged Wood Duck?
Which among the following National Park is distinct in India because it encompasses a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve (all of them)?
Which among the following is the correct location of India’s National Institute of Hydrology (NIH)?
One of the major objectives of the National Water Mission is to increase the water use efficiency by 20%. Which among the following is the correct definition of the water use efficiency?
Annada, rasi & Kalinga-3 are the seed varieties for profitable intercrops for which of the following grains?
In recent times, there is an increasing use of Castor Cake in agriculture. Which among the following is the property of Castor Cake which makes it most suitable for application at the time/ or prior sowing ?
Headquarters of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific is located at?

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