Quiz 424: Indian Economy Knowledge for Civil Services Examinations

1.In which of the following segments of the aviation sector, 100 % FDI is permitted in India ?
1. Green Field Air Port Projects
2. Scheduled Air Transport Service
3. Non-Scheduled Air Transport Service
(A)1 only
(B)1 & 2 only
(C)2 & 3 only
(D)all of them

2.A non-banking finance company (NBFC) in India has to make some investments in overseas ventures. The NBFC is required to seek regulatory clearance from which of the following authorities?
(C)Ministry of Finance
(D)None of them

3.We read in the newspapers, that India infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) was recently given nod to fund the infrastructure projects in the country by “Takeout Financing”. Which among the following is the primary aim of this “takeout financing’?
(A)To provide long term loans
(B)To be able to accept loans from foreign countries and refinance in India
(C)To prevent any possible asset liability mismatch
(D)To create an healthy atmosphere of financing infrastructure in India

4.What is the number of core-infrastructure industries having a combined weight of 26.7 per cent in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) of India?

5.In which year , Indian Electricity Act, 1910, the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 and the Electricity Regulatory Commissions Act, 1998 were merged into a single Act ?

6.India has abundant resources of the Non-coking coals as compared to the coking coals. Consider the following statements:
1. The Coking Coal has higher amount of Ash while Non-coking coal has higher amount of Sulfur
2. Coking coal is used in thermal power plants while non-coking coal is used in steel plants
Which among the above is / are correct?
(A)1 only
(B)2 only
(C)Both 1 & 2
(D)neither 1 nor 2

7.At which of the following locations was established Indian Maritime University (IMU) by an Act of Parliament in November, 2008?

8.To encourage the Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Major Ports FDI up to what ceiling is permitted in India for construction and maintenance of ports and harbors?

9.Which among the following is correct about e-Granthalaya ?
(A)It’s an online library developed by India’s Ministry of Culture
(B)It’s a software developed by National Informatics Center
(C)It’s an online company (e-book store) launched by Ministry of Communication
(D)It’s an electronic manual for public libraries in India

10.How the National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy 2007 seeks realize its goal of ” Affordable Housing For All’ ?
(A)By incentivizing state to encourage low cost construction
(B)By promoting various types of public-private partnerships
(C)By allowing FDI in construction
(D)By deregulating the Construction sector

11.The first major effort to evolve rules of the game for international trade (or multilateral trade) was in the post-World War II era which resulted in the establishment which of the following?
(A)World Trade Organization

12.The most favored nation (MFN) rule and the national treatment policy of the World Trade Organization enshrine themselves with which of the following?
(C)Binding and enforceable commitments

13.Less-than full reciprocity (LTFR) is a term associated with which of the following organizations?
(A)World Economic Forum
(B)World Trade Organization
(C)International Monetary Fund
(D)Reserve Bank of India

14.Approximately, what fraction of market capitalization of the Bombay Stock Exchange is accounted by the 30 stocks of the BSE SENSEX?

15.Which among the following alternative exchange Rate Regime is most popular in the world today?
(A)Free Float
(B)Managed Float
(C)Crawling Peg
(D)Fixed-but-Adjustable Exchange Rate

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