Quiz 650: General Knowledge for SSC/PSC Examinations


Which of the following countries is called one of the four Asian Tigers?
[D]South Korea

South Korea
The Four Asian Tigers or Four Asian Dragons is a term used in reference to the highly free-market and developed economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Asian Tigers were recently in news due to devaluations of their currencies. Strong currencies in the Asian tiger countries have made their high-end electronic products like Samsung phones from South Korea and computer parts from Taiwan more expensive in Europe and the United States, their biggest markets. And since China is their main competitor; further devaluation of currencies will weaken Yuan to grater extent. When economies have high exchange rates, their exports tend to lose market share compared with countries with cheaper currencies. And when that happens, countries that depend on foreign trade will frequently take steps to push their currencies lower. The sudden export drop of for manufacturing powerhouses like South Korea and Singapore is worrisome for not only Asian economy, but also for world economy. The fear is that a currency war in Southeast Asia where the Asian financial crisis erupted in 1997 could result in lower growth and add to the already substantial concerns about the global economy this year and next.



The famous “Ganga Sagar Mela”, an annual fair is held in which state of India?
[A]Uttar Pradesh
[D]West Bengal

West Bengal
The Ganga Sagar Mela is a religious festival and second biggest fair of India after Kumbha Mela of India celebrated on Sagardwip (Sagar Island) in West Bengal state of India. The fair is a six-day fair held in the month of January and on the day of Makar Sankranti, a ritual of pilgrims taking bath in holy water and visiting nearby famous Kapil Muni Temple is performed.



After LPG, which of the following commodity has been included under direct benefit transfer scheme from Indian government?
[D]Food grains

The government of India announced the inclusion of kerosene to direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme. The scheme will be implemented from 1 April 2016.Under the scheme kerosene consumers will have to pay the market price of Rs 43 per litre and the government will then transfer the subsidy amount (Rs 31 per litre) into their bank accounts.



“Sahyog-Kaijin” is a joint maritime exercise between which two countries?
[A]India and Japan
[B]India and Indonesia
[C]Indonesia and Japan
[D]India and China

India and Japan
Sahyog-Kaijin is a joint exercise between India and Japan.



“Hopman cup” is related to which sports?
[B]Lawn Tennis

Law Tennis
Hopman cup is a hard-court tennis tournament held every year between held every year in Australia. Teams from different countries participates in the tournament and Poland was the winner for year 2015.



Sabarimala is located in which of the following states?
[C]Andhra Pradesh

Sabarimala is a Hindu pilgrimage centre located at the Periyar Tiger Reserve in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Pathanamthitta District, Perunad grama panchayat in Kerala.



Which committee has recommended change in the structure and ecosystem in the Indian cricket board?
[A]RM Lodha committee
[B]Kirit Parikh committee
[C]Bibek Debroy committee
[D]Naresh Chandra committee

RM Lodha committee
The Lodha committee, which was primarily assigned with the task of determining the quantum of punishment for players and others involved in spot fixing in IPL, also gave recommendation on change in the structure and ecosystem in the Indian cricket board saying no to politicians” involvement in BCCI.



Historic Chandragiri Fort is located in which of the following states?
[A]Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh
The historic Chandragiri Fort was venue of the 545th birth anniversary of Vijayanagara emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya in February 2016. The fort is under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and is located at Chandragiri, Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. A fort with same name is also located in Kasaragod District of Kerala.



Apart from India, in which of the following two countries, Tamil is an official language?
[A]Mauritius and Malaysia
[B]Malaysia and Indonesia
[C]Sri Lanka and Mauritius
[D]Sri Lanka and Singapore

Sri Lanka and Singapore
Apart from India, Tamil is an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore. In Malaysia and Mauritius, it is a recognized minority language.



The term “Post-war miracle” is used in context with which of the following countries?
[D]United States

Post-war economic miracle refers to the period of 1950s and 60s when Japan, the country which had seen the devastation of atomic bomb, became a global center of manufacturing and exports. In that period, Japan became world’s second largest economy after United States and the Japanese brands such as Toyota, Sony, Honda, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Canon and so on became household names worldwide.