Quiz-653: GK for SSC-CGL Examinations 2016

1. Which of the following two countries currently occupy / control the Golan heights?
[A]Egypt & Syria
[B]Turkey & Israel
[C]Israel & Syria
[D]Syria & Turkey
Answer: Israel & Syria
The Golan Heights also called the Golan or the Syrian Golan. The Golan Heights is a basaltic plateau bordered by the Yarmouk River in the south, the Sea of Galilee and Hula Valley in the west, Mount Hermon in the north, and the Raqqad Wadi in the east. The western two thirds of this region are currently occupied by Israel, whereas the eastern third is controlled by Syria.
2. In which year, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established?
Answer: 1957
Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) is an apex national body for mountaineering, skiing, rock climbing and trekking at high altitudes in India. Established in 1957. The main objectives are to organize, support and provide a base for expeditions for mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking at high altitudes and to promote, encourage, support and execute schemes for related adventure activities and environmental protection work in the Himalaya.
3. Who is the author of “Divine Comedy”?
Answer: Dante
The Divine Comedy is an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri between c. 1308 and his death in 1321. It is widely considered the preeminent work of Italian literature, and is seen as one of the greatest works of world literature. The poem’s imaginative and allegorical vision of the afterlife is a culmination of the medieval world-view as it had developed in the Western Church. It helped establish the Tuscan dialect, in which it is written, as the standardized Italian language.
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5. Which of the following rivers carries maximum quantity of water into the sea?
[C] Mississippi Missouri
Answer: Amazon
Amazon River carries maximum quantity of water into the sea and is largest river by discharge of water in the world,
6. The Sarkaria commission is related to which of the following?
[A]Centre and State Relations
[B]Banking & Financial Sector
[C]Elections Reforms
[D]Freedom of Press In India
Answer: Centre and State Relations
Sarkaria Commission was set up in June 1983 by the central government of India. The Sarkaria Commission’s charter was to examine the relationship and balance of power between state and central governments in the country and suggest changes within the framework of Constitution of India. The Commission was so named as it was headed by Justice Rajinder Singh Sarkaria, a retired judge of the Supreme Court of India. The other two members of the committee were Shri B Sivaraman and Dr SR Sen.
7. The unicameral parliament of which country is known as Knesset?
Answer: Israel
Knesset is the unicameral national legislature of Israel. As the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the President and Prime Minister, approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government. In addition, the Knesset elects the State Comptroller. It also has the power to waive the immunity of its members, remove the President and the State Comptroller from office, dissolve the government in a constructive vote of no confidence, and to dissolve itself and call new elections. The Prime Minister may dissolve the Knesset. The Knesset is located in Givat Ram, Jerusalem.
8. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar award ?
[A]Bhanu Athaiya
[B]Shabana Azmi
[C]Satyajit Ray
[D]Naseeruddin Shah
Answer: Bhanu Athaiya
Bhanu Athaiya is Indian cinema’s most well-regarded costume designer, having worked in over 100 films, since 1950s, with noted filmmakers like Guru Dutt, Yash Chopra, Raj Kapoor, Ashutosh Gowariker, and international directors like Conrad Rooks and Richard Attenborough. She became the first Indian to win an Academy Award. She also won two National Film Awards, in 1991and 2002.
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10. The Narora atomic power plant is located in which district of Uttar Pradesh?
Answer: Bulandshahar
Narora Atomic Power Station is located in Narora, Bulandshahar District in Uttar Pradesh.



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