Prerna: The Vernacular School

Prerna (inspirational): The Vernacular School, located in Vadnagar, holds great significance as the alma mater of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This historic school, established in 1888 and functional until 2018, is undergoing a remarkable redevelopment project. The initiative aims to inspire students and preserve the rich historical heritage of Vadnagar.

Inspiring Students as Catalysts of Change

The objective of the school redevelopment project is to serve as an inspiration for students, encouraging them to become catalysts of change in society. Prerna: The Vernacular School envisions instilling education, values, and a sense of responsibility in students. By offering a week-long study tour to two students from each district across the country, the project aims to provide them with a unique and inspiring educational experience.

Restoration Efforts by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is actively involved in the restoration of Prerna: The Vernacular School as part of Vadnagar’s redevelopment. This initiative is not only about reviving the physical structure but also preserving the cultural and historical essence of the school.

Vadnagar’s Historical Significance

Vadnagar holds a prominent place in history as one of the earliest fortified towns and a renowned Buddhist learning center. The restoration efforts and the revival of Prerna: The Vernacular School are not only significant for education but also contribute to the preservation of Vadnagar’s rich cultural heritage.

Development of an Archaeological Experimental Museum

In addition to the school redevelopment, the Gujarat government is undertaking the development of an Archaeological Experimental Museum in Vadnagar. This museum aims to showcase the artifacts and historical significance of the region, providing visitors with a deeper understanding of Vadnagar’s cultural legacy.



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