PM Modi discusses COVID-19 measures with the Chief Ministers

On April 2, 2020, PM Modi interacted with the chief ministers of the states through video conferencing. He discussed COVID-19 measures being taken at central and state level.


The Prime Minister insisted on a common strategy to ensure re-emergence as the Lock Down ends. India is currently working on the strategy of minimum loss of life.

Key outcomes of the meet

  • The steps to contain cases arising from Nizamuddin Markaz were discussed.
  • PM suggested the CMs to reach out to social welfare organizations and community leaders.
  • A community-oriented approach is the need of the moment
  • PM insisted on setting up of Crisis Management Group at district level.
  • More focus should be provided towards social distancing, quarantining suspect cases, tracking suspect cases. Steps should also be taken to strengthen medical work force, tele-medicines, distribution of food and taking care of migrant workers.

Apart from the PM and the CMs of the state, the home minister, defence minister and the health minister also participated in the meet.


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