Ombudsperson App for MGNREGA

Giriraj Singh, Union Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, launched the Ombudsman App for MGNREGA. This App is a step toward e-governance, and it will help in accountability and transparency.


  • This app will help the Ombudsman in carrying out their duties in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • The minister showed concern regarding the appointment of Ombudspersons, and that in many districts the appointment of an Ombudsperson has yet to be made. Hence, all states and UTs have been asked to work with the union government to make MNREGA more transparent by utilizing the Ombudsperson App.

Why was this app developed?

The Ministry of Rural Development developed this app with the aim of smooth categorization and reporting of grievances by the appointed Ombudsperson based on complaints that they have received from various sources i.e. digital, physical, and mass media, related to the MGNREGA Scheme implementation in the States and UTs.

This app will allow for easy tracking and timely redressal of complaints by the Ombudsperson. The app will also allow the Ombudsperson to upload annual and quarterly reports to the website.

Currently, how are grievances reported and resolved?

Currently, the grievances are reported, as well as resolved in a physical format. Ombudsperson App is designed to make reporting and resolving complaints as quickly as possible. This will assist the Ombudsperson in carrying out their duties without facing any difficulty.

How is the registration done?

After an Ombudsperson joins, their registration has to be done by the State. After the completion of registration, the Ombudsperson will use the password and User name that was created to use this App.



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