NITI Aayog’s India Energy Modelling Forum: Key Facts, Governing Structure

Niti Aayog recently announced governing structure of India energy modelling forum. The forum and its governing structure are being established under US India strategic energy partnership.

In July 2020 United States agency for international development (USAID) and Niti Aayog launched India energy modelling forum. Niti Aayog is now announcing its governing structure. The USAID is primarily responsible to administer foreign aid and development assistance.

Key highlights

The forum aims to engage think tanks, knowledge partners, Indian researches and International Government agencies for long-term energy planning.

Structure of India energy modelling forum

The forum will consist of a steering committee under inter-ministerial committee. The inter- ministerial committee is to be headed by a chief executive officer and will be convened by Niti Aayog. This committee will review modelling activities and provide directions towards new areas of research. It will also have senior officials from the ministries such as new and renewable energy, forest and climate change, natural gas and power. The committee will also hold members from Department of Science and Technology.

On the other hand, the steering committee will shortlist policy issues. It will also perform different task forces. A convenient will be selected on rotational basis and it will act as an interface between the steering committee and inter-ministerial committee.

Currently the Prayas group of Maharashtra has been selected as the first convenor of the steering committee.

India US

The India US strategic energy partnership is based on four pillars such as renewable energy, oil and gas and power and Energy Efficiency and sustainable growth.

The Strategic Energy Partnership between the countries was established in April 2018. It organises interagency engagement. The partnership also supports Asia Edge initiative. The initiative establishes India as a strong energy partner of USA in the Indo Pacific region.


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