New Plan to Develop Power Transmission System for 500 GW Green Energy

The Indian government has launched a new roadmap titled “Transmission System for Integration of over 500 GW RE Capacity by 2030.”

About the new plan

  • The Union Ministry of Power has constituted a high-level committee to create the roadmap for planning the transmission system required for increasing the installed capacity of green energy to 500 GW by 2030.
  • The objective of this roadmap is to connect mega solar parks and wind power zones with the national grid at an overall cost of Rs.2.44 trillion.
  • The plan proposes construction of additional transmission systems like 8120 ckm (circuit kilometre) of High Voltage Direct Current Transmission corridors, 25,960 ckm of 765 kV ac lines, 15,758 ckm of 400 kilo volt lines, and 1,052 ckm of 220 kilo volt cable.
  • The plan also includes setting up the transmission system required for the evacuation of 10 GW offshore wind located in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. This is expected to increase the inter-regional capacity to around 1.50 lakh mW by the end of this decade from the current 1.12 lakh mW capacity.
  • It also covers the setting up of 51.5 GW Battery Energy Storage Capacity by 2030 to make renewable energy-based generation available round the clock to the end consumers.
  • These transmission systems have been planned based on the upcoming non-fossil fuel-based generation centres in India. These include Fatehgarh, Bhadla, Bikaner in Rajasthan, Khavda in Gujarat, Anantapur, Kurnool RE Zones in Andhra Pradesh, offshore wind potentials in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, RE park in Ladakh, and others.
  • The transmission systems proposed by the plan will help reduce the carbon emission intensity by 45 per cent by 2030.
  • They will provide visibility to the renewable energy developers about the potential generation sites and boost investment opportunities in these areas.
  • The plan also provides the transmission service providers the growth opportunities and investment opportunities in the transmissions sector.



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