Fridays for Future Campaign

Fridays for Future activists have launched climate change protests in Germany and other countries.

Key facts

  • About 280,000 people in over 270 cities and towns across Germany are taking part in demonstrations as part of the Fridays for Future movement.
  • One of the biggest rallies took place in Berlin, where over 36,000 people gathered to conduct climate demonstrations.
  • These protesters are calling for the stopping of global warming and demanding the German government to set up a 100 billion euro funding to expand renewable energy use.
  • They are also demanding the cancellation of financial and climate debts to developing countries.
  • These protests were organized 6 weeks before the start of the UN Climate Summit (COP27), which is set to take place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.
  • Countries like Italy, South Korea, the United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo have also witnessed similar protests.

What is Fridays for Future Movement?

Fridays for Future is an international student movement that aims to push towards an immediate climate action through active campaigning and advocacy. It was chosen as the Champion of the Earth because of its role in creating awareness about the adverse impact caused by climate crisis. This movement was inspired by Greta Thunberg, who sat in protest in front of the Swedish Parliament for three weeks to bring political attention towards climate emergency. Now, this global movement has spread to over 100 countries across the globe. It has played a major role in starting the international conversation about climate change at a time when the window of opportunity to avoid the adverse impact of increasing global temperature is closing.

Champions of the Earth

Champions of the Earth is a flagship environmental award conferred by the United Nations. It was established by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2005. It recognizes individuals and organizations involved in the protection of environment and addressing climate change.



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