Global warming: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Zoological Survey of India: Climate Change has driven butterflies and moths to higher Himalayas

The Study conducted by the Zoological Survey of India says that climate Change has driven Lepidoptera species to higher habitats of Himalayas. Himalayas is home to 35% of Lepidoptera species that are found in India. Lepidoptera species include butterflies, skippers and moths. Skippers are intermediate groups between moths and butterflies. The study was funded by ..

Iodic Acid drives Arctic Amplification: Key Facts, Reasons, Impacts, Causes

An International team of scientists from the Stockholm University have identified that the iodic acid is the key driver of aerosol particle formation in The Arctic. These aerosols are responsible for the Arctic amplification. Their presence in the region has increased lately.  What is Arctic amplification? In the past 30 years the Arctic region has ..

Amazon at the risk of changing from Forest to Savanna

A team of Europe based scientists have recently found that the tropical forests especially the Amazon forest are slowly changing into Savannah like environment.  Highlights According to the study around 40% of Amazon forest are at the risk of changing into Savannah like environment. This is mainly because of increased Greenhouse gas emissions and reduced ..

What are “Zombie Fires” that are burning the Arctics?

The Zombie Fires in the Arctic region are becoming frequent. This says that the fire regimes in the Arctic are changing rapidly. These regions were once-frozen Tundra. What are Zombie Fires? A Zombie fire is a fire from a previous growing season. It can smolder (burn slowly with smoke and no flame) under the ground ..

Death Valley in Southern California witnessed its hottest temperature in more than a century

Furnace Creek of the Death Valley in the Southern California desert recorded its highest air temperature on Earth since July of 1913. The Weather Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration measured 54.4 degrees Celsius temperature in that area. However, the verification of the recorded temperature is yet not confirmed by the concerned ..