New Aircrafts unveiled at the MAKS Airshow

The MAKS Air Show is the largest airshow organized in Russia and the Former Soviet Union every two years. The air show is major opportunity for the Russian and other aircraft manufacturers to showcase their latest innovation and aircrafts before a global audience and sign deals for manufacturing and development.

New Technology unveiled at the 2019 MAKS Air Show

  • This was the 14th iteration of the MAKS Air Show.  Several new and modern aircrafts were displayed in the MAKS 2019 Air Show.
  • Among the new aircrafts displayed in the air show are Su-57E fifth generation fighter aircraft, the Sukhoi Okhotnik unmanned aerial strike aircraft, the MiG-35E 4++ generation fighter aircraft, the Mil Mi-38 transport helicopter, the Ilyushin Il-112 transport aircraft and the MC-21 passenger aircraft.
  • The new aircrafts, especially the Su-57E and the MC-21 have elicited a great interest in the international market. Turkey has shown interest in buying the new Su-57E fighter aircraft while the MC-21 is being investigated by several airliners as it over 20% cheaper than comparative Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

India at the 2019 MAKS Air Show

Contrary to past MAKS Air Shows, the Indian participation at the 2019 MAKS Show was comparatively dull. India is one of the largest consumers of Russian Military hardware and the Indian presence especially that of HAL Tejas & the HAL HJT-36 was missed by several keen aerospace enthusiasts.

However, the Indian trade delegation did take an active part in the Russian Aircraft evaluations and an Indian pilot even flew the MiG-35 aircraft. The MiG-35 was one of the six aircraft under consideration for the Indian Medium Multi-Role combat aircraft tender but eventually lost out to the Dassault Rafale.

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