Navdoot dual-mode locomotive

Navdoot is a battery-operated dual-mode locomotive developed by the West Central Railway (WCR) of the Indian Railways.

What are the features of the Navdoot locomotive?

Navdoot is a dual-mode locomotive, which means it runs on both modes i.e. battery and electricity. It can pull 18 coaches at a speed of 30 kmph. It has 84 batteries and currently can pull 400 tonnes of weight. At present, it is used on a trial basis at Jabalpur, Mudwara, and other stations for shunting of trains. Navdoot locomotive received the Best Innovation Award from the Railway Board.

What is the benefit of using the Navdoot locomotive?

By using Navdoot locomotive, Indian Railways can save 1000 liters of diesel per day. Thus, it helps in the efforts of Indian Railways to become sustainable and cost-efficient.

What is West Central Railway (WCR) zone?

It is one of the 18 zones of the Indian Railways, which provides rail route coverage to the west-central region of the country. WCR serves eastern & central Madhya Pradesh, southern Uttar Pradesh (UP), and northeastern Rajasthan. It was created in 2003 by taking away the Bhopal division and Jabalpur division from the Central Railway zone (CR) and the Kota division from the Western Railway zone (WR).  There are 3 divisions in the West Central Railway zone, they are Jabalpur railway division, Bhopal railway division, and Kota railway division.



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