National Tourism Day: January 25

The Government of India is celebrating this year National Tourism Day at Pochampally of Telangana. In 2021, the United Nations World Tourism Organization selected the village as one of the Best Tourism Villages in the world, and therefore, the Indian Government is launching its national-level celebrations of the day from this village. The village is famous for its IKAT saris. They are unique and hand woven. In 2021, India earned 9 billion USD of foreign exchange earnings from the tourism sector.

National Tourism Day

The first National Tourism Day was celebrated in 1948. In 1948, India formed its first tourism promotion committee called the Tourist Traffic Committee. In 1958, a separate department was created for tourism under transport. Today we have a separate minister for the tourism sector.

World Tourism Day

The United Nations and other international organizations celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27. UN celebrates the day to spread awareness of tourism. Also aims to create awareness about its role in social, financial, and political fields. World Agri tourism Day is celebrated on May 15 by the UN.

Recent Development

Recently India introduced E – tourist Visa. With this, citizens from 40 countries can apply for Visa to India online. They need not go to the Indian Embassy in their country to apply for the visa.

What are foreign exchange earnings?

These are earnings a country earns by selling its goods and services. Or the earnings earned by exchanging the currency. Let us understand this with an example. Assume American wishes to come to India. He has his earnings in USD. He now has to get Indian Rupees to spend in India. Now the dollars he gives to India for exchange are referred to as Foreign Exchange Earnings.



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