National Cyber Security Incident Response Exercise (NCX India)

The National Cyber Security Incident Response Exercise (NCX India) is being organized by the National Security Council Secretariat for government officials and critical sector organizations with the aim of strengthening the cyber posture of the country.


  • On 18th April 2022, the National Cyber Security Incident Response Exercise was inaugurated by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.
  • The NCX India exercise will be held till 29th April 2022.

Training that will be imparted

Over 140 officials will be provided training through training sessions and strategic exercises. The participants will also be trained in various cyber security areas such as Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP), Intrusion Detection Techniques, data Flows & Network Protocols, Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Handling, Digital Forensics, etc.

Why is this exercise being conducted?

This exercise is being conducted due to the recent incidents of power grid hackings in Ladakh and Twitter handles of various ministries being hacked. Also, a couple of failed attempts were reported where hackers tried to hack despatch centre networks that are responsible for carrying out real-time operations for electricity dispatch and grid control. Recently, the Twitter handle of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MOSPI) was briefly hacked and a picture of Elon Musk was displayed.



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