Moscow Conference on International Security-2022

The Moscow Conference on International Security-2022 was held from August 15 to August 17, 2022. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the plenary session conference virtually on August 16.

Highlights of Defence Minister’s address:

  • In his address, Defence Minister stressed on brining comprehensive reform in structure of United Nations.
  • He noted that, worrying shortcoming in system of United Nations highlights its structural inadequacy.
  • Reform of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) lies at the base of India’s call for “reformed multilateralism”. He expressed that, UNSC must be turned into more representative organisation for developing countries, to provide leadership worldwide.
  • He also highlighted the potential geopolitical fault-line in maritime domain, specifically in East Asia. According to him, it could get bigger than what world is witnessing today.
  • Regarding the Indo-Pacific region, he notes- India, is committed to free, open, inclusive and secure Indo-Pacific region, being a central country to Indian Ocean.

The Moscow Conference on International Security-2022 was attended by Ministers of Defence from different countries, besides the experts and key stakeholders from military field. These conferences on international security are organised with the objective of sharing practical ideas and exploring solutions on issues of global security. Conferences also give opportunity to defence ministers to engage with their counterparts on security issues.



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