Lok Sabha passes National Institutes of Food Technology Bill

On 26th July, 2021 the National Institutes of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management Bill, 2021 was passed in the Lok Sabha.


  • This bill was moved by Pashupati Kumar Paras who is the Food Processing and Industries Minister.
  • This bill lays down various provisions for institutes of food technology, management and entrepreneurship.
  • This bill got introduced and passed in a time of just 8 minutes making it a record.
  • This bill also seeks to declare the Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology which is located at Thanjavur and the National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management which is located at Kundli as institutions of national importance
  • This bill also seeks to provide for research and instructions in these fields.
  • This bill had already been passed in the Rajya Sabha in the month of March.

Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha is the lower house of India’s Parliament with Rajya Sabha being the upper house. The members of the Lok Sabha are elected by the people of the country to represent their respective constituencies. The members hold their seat for a five year period or until the President on the advice of the council of ministers dissolves the body. 552 (Initially it was 500 in the year 1950) is the maximum membership of the House which has been allotted by the Constitution of India. Currently, the house has 543 seats which are filled by 543 elected members. Om Birla is the current speaker of the Lok Sabha.



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