Kerala Digital Resurvey of Land

On the occasion of the 66th foundation day of Kerala, the state government kicked off a digital resurvey to ensure speedy delivery of land-related services to people.

Why has the Kerala government launched the resurvey?

The proceedings of the resurvey of land was launched by the Kerala Government in 1966. However, it was never completed because of the lack of modern technology and limitations of traditional systems.

Therefore, the state government of Kerala launched the digital land resurvey project Ente Bhoomi (my land) to identify and provide plots to over three lakh landless families. It was launched as part of the state government’s policy of “land for all, records for all land and all services smart”. The resurvey will be completed in four years. Of the 1,666 villages in Kerala, 1,550 will undergo digital resurvey. The estimated cost of this project is Rs 858.42 crore. Of this, Rs 438.44 crore is allocated from Rebuild Kerala Initiative.

How will the “Ente Bhoomi” resurvey project help in the future?

  • The resurvey will help strengthen land records and make the collection of data for agricultural statistics more effective.
  • Revenue and registration departments will be able to provide land-related services in a timely manner via a single-window online system.
  • It will help the government maintain up-to-date land records so that resurvey is not required anymore.
  • A comprehensive Geographical Information System (GIS) database can be set up to be used by the government departments.

How will the digital survey be conducted?

The nodal agency for the resurvey project’s implementation is Department of Survey and Land Records. It will deploy 4,700 personnel to conduct the digital resurvey. Modern equipment like Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Rover and Robotic Total Station for this survey. Surveys of around 70% of the land will be conducted using RTK rover, 20% of the land using robotic total station and 10% using drone technology.



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