Japan’s Renkoji Temple offer

A new translation of a letter to the Indian Government in 2005, written by chief priest of Tokyo’s Renkoji temple in Japanese language, reveals that Justice MK Mukherjee was given permission to conduct DNA test of ashes and bone fragments, which is believed to be of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

Key Points

  • In the past, the letter was not translated and a bland edited English version was attached to the Mukherjee Commission’s report, for inexplicable reasons.
  • Mukherjee Commission was appointed on the disappearance of Bose as evidence. Commission could not proceed further because of the issue of DNA tests.
  • Commission later concluded that, ashes were not of Bose, giving acceptance to speculations that he may have survived to become an prisoner or ascetic in a Russian prison.

Fresh Translation

According to Madhuri Bose, grand-daughter of his brother Sarat Bose, a fresh translation was done, after inconsistencies were found in the Mukherjee Commission report. With fresh translation, it was found that several paragraphs in the letter written in Japanese are missing from official English version in Justice Mukherjee Inquiry Report.

Report of Mukherjee Commission

Mukherjee Commission had tabled its report in Parliament in 2006. Report had concluded that Bose did not die in the plane crash, as alleged by eye-witnesses. Furthermore, ashes in the Japanese temple were not of Netaji.  As per Eye-witnesses, including Col Habib-Ur-Rahman of the INA, Bose died in August 1945, in a plane crash in Taipei.


It is a Buddhist temple in Tokyo city of Japan. It is believed to be the purported location of ashes of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who was an Indian freedom-fighter. The ashes have been preserved since September 18, 1945. The small, well-preserved temple was constructed in 1594. It was inspired by the God of Wealth and Happiness. The temple belongs to the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, which believe that human salvation lies only in Lotus Sutra.



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