Czech Republic: Petr Fiala named new PM

Petr Fiala has been named as new Prime Minister of Czech Republic. President Milos Zeman named him as the PM on November 28, after his electoral win in October.


  • Petr Fiala leads a center-right coalition.
  • He ousted the outgoing populist Prime Minister Andrej Babis with the help of several left-wing parties.

Fiala’s party

Fiala, aged 57, heads the three-party coalition namely, Civic Democratic Party, TOP 09 party and Christian Democrats, together. This coalition garnered him 27.8 per cent of the vote in October. This alliance narrowly defeated ANO movement, which was led by billionaire Babis. The centrist group of Mayors & Independents besides the left-wing Pirate Party joined the coalition of Fiala to remove Babis. Babis had served as prime minister since 2017.

The Czech Republic

Czech Republic is also known as Czechia and was formerly known as Bohemia. It is a landlocked country, located in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. It is a unitary parliamentary republic and developed country having an advanced, high-income social market economy. It is a welfare state comprising of a European social model, tuition-free university education and universal health care.

Ranking across different index

Czech Republic has been ranked at 12th in the UN inequality-adjusted human development while 24th in World Bank Human Capital Index. It is ahead of United States. The country is a member of OECD, NATO, the EU, the CoE and OSCE.


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